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Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
"Can we put make up on you?" That is the question that make most man squeal
in their. A part of them found the proposition so out of character they feel they
The sensation of foundation brush against your cheek, the soothing motion of
lipstick gliding on your lips, the lethargic feeling of eyes shadow gently coloring
your eyelids. Can you just feel that thickening foundation on your face, or taste
that cherry lipstick on your lips? It is so relaxing to let go and listen to what the
girls are telling you. It is all so hypnotic.... But be careful, if you fall asleep while
these girls are putting make up on you, you will wake up under their control...
After all, they did mold your body to their liking, it only make sense that your
mind is being mold as well, isn't it true?

In this ultimate forced feminization hypnosis video, Hypnotist Phoebe (left) and
Hypnotist Kendra (right) sit you down and make you over into a pretty little girl,
and there is nothing you can do to change what's happening to you. Oh, and
being deeply hypnotized and utterly unable to move might help their cause!
will start by hypnotizing you with their eye shadow, then they will take you
deeper by applying powder to your face, then they will force you to wear their
lipstick... and they will force you enjoy it!

Many men wrote and told us stories about how when they were in their  
years, older girls have tested their make up on them. The patronizing tone
forever burn a female dominate images in their unconscious mind, so much so
they just need to seek it out.

Our usual warning applies here, repeat viewing of our video will cause
permanent changes in your behaviour... viewer discretion is advised.

The production is 28 minutes in length. It is believed to be the first ever forced
feminization video featuring two highly trained hypnotists. Finding real life
female hypnotist who are willing to do these kinds of sessions are almost
impossible, let alone finding two of them! Keep in mind that a real life
hypnotherapy session generally cost 200 to 300 dollars, For a Limited time. The
download version will only cost 99.99

The first 40 people who order "FHRA Hypnotic Make Up Lessons" will only cost

We have seen hypnosis MP3 more expensive than this, keeping in mind videos
are much more expensive to produce. Most high quality hypno forced
feminization MP3 cost well over 100 dollars.  Of course, you should buy those
MP3s too, but the value for your donation here is obvious.  

Plus every dollar you spend with us, goes towards helping to train another
gorgeous young lady the art of hypnosis. A very worthy cause considering you
never know when a well trained female hypnotist might come after you

We have much more good news! For a limited time, we will add the following
bonus footages to your purchase.

1.) An Excerpt from "Hypnotist Girlfriend" a hypno force feminization video
2.) An Excerpt from "Hypnotist Hanna IV" a hypno force feminization video

More than half an hour of the finest femdom hypnosis video. For a limited time,
only $49.99
Click here if you are from Europe, or have difficulties with the night flirt payment process system.  
Click here if you are from Europe, or have difficulties with the night flirt payment process system.