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Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Sandra Churchill recently graduated from a prestigious University in Northern
California with a master's degree in sociology. While working on her master's
thesis on social influence and purchasing trend, she accidentally discovered
that men can be easily manipulated by a feminine object which they most
familiarize in their adolescence years. For example, stocking, nail polish, skirt or
The fact that they have been friends for a long time before this video shoot adds
to how well they conspire against you. If you find women's leg irresistible, this is
the video you must have in your collection.
The video had Sandra and Susan competing to see which one have the better
you into a "leg man", then proceed to use your weakness to hypnotize you into
being their slave.
The brainwashing is so strong that we only recommend this video for the
people who are willing to give up everything they ever own to worship such
beautiful features. But then again, if you ever had any experience with us, you
know every inch of our hypnotists were designed for your unadulterated
Just like our previous collection, our video will make you not only submissive
to Sandra and Susan, but to all women. Such that, by watching this video over
and over again, you are submitting yourself to be programmed with our female
supremacist doctrine.... now... you've been warned.

For a Femdom hypnosis that is 36 minutes long, if we charge 1.99 per minute,
which is more than reasonable, it will be 72 dollars. Moreover, there are two
fabulous, FHRA quality hypnotists featured.

For a Limited time. The download version will only cost 79.99

The first 40 people who order FHRA: Hypnotic Silky legs will only cost 49.99

buy those too, but the value for your donation here is obvious.  

Plus every dollar you spend with us, goes towards helping to train another
gorgeous young lady the art of hypnosis. A very worthy cause considering you
never know when a well trained female hypnotist might come after you

We have much more good news! For a limited time, we will add the following
bonus footages to your purchase.

1.) a separate opening sequence
2.) a separate ending sequence
3.) FHRA Academy 3.1
4.) FHRA Academy 3.2
5.) Hypnotist Maeve Spinning spiral induction.
6.) a previously unpublished Hypnotist Jennifer scene. At the time of the
shooting, there was a lot of construction noise, making her voice inaudible. Yet
Jennifer's performance was so stunning, we've muted the track and just show
you the visuals. (There is no sound to the Hypnotist Jennifer Track.)

A total of approximately an hour of the finest femdom hypnosis video. For a
limited time, only $49.99
Instant Download.
$49.99 USD
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FHRA Academy 3.1
FHRA Academy 3.2
Spinning Spiral
Leg Hypnosis Collection