What people are saying about "Hypnotist Lisa"
Excerpts from our yahoo group.
Thank you for everybody who wrote :)
Hello Everyone:

I have just experienced Lisa's hypnotic power thru her videos and believe me I was not
disappointed. The image and sound quality are great and the lovely Lisa is absolutely
stunning. Anyone having a hypnodomme fetish will be amazed at her style. There are so
many compliments I wish to say but here are a few.

I love how she compels you to stare into her eyes and become more obedient, and she
takes her time with this. There are even a few moments of silence where she simply lets you
savour her eyes. And those closeups are terrific, very compelling and alluring. Her
confidence is also very impressive, especially for someone who's first language is not
English. You can tell she actually enjoys enthralling you under her power. If you have an
"accent fetish" like I do you will enjoy her European accent which I found simply delightful.

She also has very beautiful feminine hands, which was a special treat for me, since as I
mentionned in a previous post I get very turned on by feminine hand gestures, and I could
stare at Lisa's lovely hands for hours. At one point where she turns you into her "puppy" I
had such a longing to be there to kiss her hand (about 9 minutes into the "hypnotistlisa3"

In summary, receiving these 4 copies for the price I paid is undoubtedly one of the best
deals I've had on the Internet. I certainly look forward to more developments from the lovely
ladies of the Femdom Hypnotist Revolution Alliance.

This video was really almost surreal for me. It incorporates so many
fantasies of mine, that I almost passed out from joy. I felt as if I had
stumbled into a dream and then was taken deeper into a realm
that i've never even imagined. Her accent is so sexy, but the most amazing
thing is the impression she gives. She makes you feel warm and safe,
while being domineering and controling. She looks so
condifident and strong, yet so womanly and sweet. And her eyes are so
expressive. They draw you in and don't let you go till they have you deeply
under their spell. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the Lisa video, its just
fantastic, I am not an expert but I have seen at least 2 hypno videos from other sites
and this is way in advance, its
just so in tune with what I love about femdom hypnosis, must have watched it 10
times, Lisa's delivery the confidence the knowing smile those eyes, oh how she
emphasises certain commands with those eyes wow. I so hope you make another
video with Lisa,

Thanks again,


Your video is amazing and Lisa is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I anxiously await
her next commands.

I have to rate this video as without peer in it's field. Everything about Lisa is stunning -
delivery, natural skill, beauty and playfulness - all beyond my expectations. I will definitely
buy another and another if this is any indication of your production quality!
Almost too yummy for words......


I had the pleasure of watching the Hypnotist Lisa video and I am left in enthralled
amazement. Lisa was as compellingly hypnotic, as she was beautiful. If this is a sample of
what the future brings, the
world does not stand a chance to resist - nor should they want to.


I can't thank you enough for coming up with this! It's exactly the sort of
thing I had been hoping for. :)

Downloadable WMVs and payments via PayPal are the way to go; I couldn't
have asked for an easier way to buy these videos. Getting four takes of the
same induction for a very reasonable price was a
nice touch as well.

Like many have commented before, I too enjoyed focusing on her spiraling
finger. That was the most powerful part of the induction for me, I only wish
it had been a little longer.

Also, even though I'm a native French speaker Lisa's accent did not sound
very French to me. It sounded more eastern European; not that there's
anything wrong with that, of course.

I will definitely buy any future videos you make, as long as they feature
beautiful female hypnotists speaking directly to us.


i am a poor guy myself these days, but i ended up being tempted and getting Mistress
Lisa's videos. She is qute amazing and very effective. She is really great in front of the
camera and perhaps "unbelievably" captivating, at least for me. i had always wished to be
hypnotized in this way, and Mistress Lisa did a really excellent job at doing this.  
i am immediately a big fan of Her work!

I found the video of Lisa to be very well done. It is one of the best videos of its type I have
seen in a long time. If this video is an indication of things to come, we are all very lucky.
Keep up the good work.

Hello my name is ****** and i am from Italy.
i ordered your video on Monday and i have to thank all of you because
of sending the download link in a few hours! but when i started to
play the video...was like a dream!!! It was so incredible....so
fantastic...really so easy to go under for such a Beautiful Hypnotic
Girl....Lisa..Mistress Lisa, the most beautiful girl in the world! She
is so sensual, so attractive and it is really impossible to resist the
power of Her magnetic eyes! I'm Yours, Mistress Lisa...i will do
everything to please You.
Thank You Mistress Lisa to give me the opportunity to have this
amazing hypnotic experience, and thank everyone of you for the
wonderful project and the lovely site!! you really made a great work

Thanx for letting me join the group. And I am overwhelmed with Lisa's
videos. I haven't had much luck going into trance from mp3's. The
video's are having such an effect on me. I don't feel regret or feel
like I'm doing anything morally wrong by watching the videos. I
honestly found myself just thinking of her and laughing/giggling while
at work today. That never happens. Thank you so much for these
videos and I would pay double for another of her videos....even though
u say you're no just about the money, I want to pay double for more
because I feel like I'd be ripping you off if I paid anything less.
Well thanx again. Oh and I'm sure there's others out there who feel
the same way...if so, raise your hand lol.

on my knees,
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance