Hypnotist Jennifer; ExGirlfriend's Revenge
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.

Warning: The "Hypnotist Jennifer; ExGirlfriend's Revenge" video deploys a
number of highly advanced mind control techniques. Once you start looking into
her eyes and listening to the sound of her voice, the conditioning cannot be

Considering the going rate of a top notch hypnotist ranges from 120 to 300
dollars per hour, and their rate keep going higher and higher as they became
ever more popular. At that price, it is still totally worth the budget. Yet how
many female hypnotist in the world would entertain this idea of Femdom

How much do you think a Hypnotist like Jennifer can charge if she decide to
practice out of  her Beverly Hills studio? 300, 400? 500 dollars?

A few years ago, you broke up with Jennifer after receiving a job promotion. At
the time, you felt like she was holding you back. Since then, you career has been
advancing quickly, to an executive position in a fortune 500 company. Jennifer
have moved on with her life as well, since joining the FHRA, she has been
perfecting her hypnotism skills. Seeing how successful you've become, she've
decided that she wants you back, but not as a lover, but as a love slave.

The video starts with Jennifer sitting in your bed, begging you to let her come
back into your life. You gave her just one minute to plead her case. Soon the one
minute was up, you three, turns into ten... her voice instantly place you into a
trance like state of mind, in this drowsy dreamy existence, you simply cannot
resist Jennifer's hypnotic influence.

Soon, you find yourself being her love puppy, literally following her command like
a dog, to a point where you whole identity has disappeared. Jennifer's
sweetened voice pour command into your brain like milk into a bowl of cereal.
You become totally helplessly under the control of this lovely innocent girl.
Jennifer proceed to reprogram your mind into absolutely obedience, taking over
your assets, making sure you will be under her control for the rest of her life.

As Jennifer looks down on you, the power exchange is complete. You once
thought you were too good to be with her, you once thought she will only hold  
back your career, but now you realize how low you've sank, having lost
everything and kneeling by your ex girlfriend like a dog. Yet your real
punishment has not begin, Jennifer have more in store for you ...

You found Hypnotist Jennifer sitting in your bed the minute you walked into the
door. You realize you need to get out of the room quickly, or else she will have
full control over you once again. The moment you hear her voice, your mind
begins to melt. When you her voice gently whispering "poohey" in to your ears,
your brain dissolved into a puddle of mush right before your babysitter, and
when she gave a warm kiss right on your cheek, leaving wet lipstick print on your
face, your will to resist just buckled.

It is very costly to retain the service is the great Jennifer, widely known as one of
the best female hypnotist in the world. The much larger file size will weight
heavily on our bandwidth cost. But since most of our clients are loyal repeat
costumers who supported Femdom hypnosis from day one, we are willing to give
it away for a low low price of $100 US Dollars.

But wait, Hypnotist Jennifer would like to thank you for your support, she would
like the first 50 costumers, who have supported her work in the past, to receive
her High Definition session for
only $49.99!

But wait, we are running a new year's special, because Jennifer wants you to
think of her often in the year of 2012, for the first 50 costumers, the price will only

Total Run time: 25 plus minutes

Plus! Our first 50 clients who have purchased Hypnotist Jennifer, and Hypnotist
Jennifer II, and Hypnotist Roommates II, they will also receive the most extensive
download package in video hypnosis history. We will include with your purchase...

Hypnotist Jennifer; ExGirlfriend's Revenge - High Definition
Hypnotist Jennifer; ExGirlfriend's Revenge - Standard Definition (for slower
Exclusive preview of the new Hypnotist Nicole Video Session.

Due to recent restrictions on bandwidth, we are only able to maintain this offer
for the next few days. Please be advised that this offer is very limited.
Hypnotist Jennifer Collection
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