Hypnotist Vanessa London; Lipstick Enslavement
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When one walk pass Vanessa on the street, they cannot helped but be stunned by
her magnetic full lips. It's not just the shape of her full pouty lips, or the way she
could perfectly apply her lipstick, it is also the way she can manipulate the people
around her with her lips. The way she smack her lips, the way she half pout
seemingly in slow motion, the way she slowly glide her lips across the smooth
surface of her lower lips. Generously reflecting light into in the eyes of her victims.
The truth is, Vanessa knows what lipstick does to you. Vanessa knows how you
cannot resist watching her apply her lipstick, Vanessa knows how suggestible you
became when you make eye contact with her glossy waxy lips,  Vanessa knows
how your mind totally  melt at the sight of her lipstick making circle around her
perfect lips.
She knows you have a lipstick fetish, and

She's prepared to take full advantage of you

Hypnotist Vanessa London; "Lipstick Enslavment" is a collection of four twenty
minutes hypnosis sessions. Each session is prepared to penetrate deep into your
subconscious and forces you to submit totally to Vanessa's lipsticked lips.  

WARNING: The psychotechology employed in this video is so intense, it will
completely rewire your brain into the hypnotist's control. There is no know ways to
undo the effect.

The production cost for this project is actually 4 to 6 times that of our previous
production. The much larger file size will also weight heavily on our bandwidth
cost. But since most of our clients are loyal repeat costumers who supported
Femdom hypnosis from day one, we are willing to give it away for a low low price of
$100 US Dollars.

But wait, Hypnotist Vanessa would like to thank you for your support over the
years, she would like the first 50 costumers to receive her hour long, High
Definition session for only $49.99 each!

Hypnotist Vanessa's Lipstick Enslavement 1; "Lipstick Addiction"

Vanessa walks in the office of a psychologist seeking help with her lipstick
addiction. She starts off by pulling out lipstick, applying it on and on for what
seems like forever. Once she got the doctor's full attention, she begins bending
his will to her command. Lipstick is like a drug for some people, once they
experienced the creamy smooth motion glistering against the light, the sticky
sensation against their skin, the intoxicating perfume smell inches from your
nose... it is like a drug, once you experienced it, you can't live without it. It’s like a
part of your mind is missing, you have lost control of their thoughts, you have lost
control of their body… it’s like your mind belongs to someone else... as you watch
Vanessa apply and re apply her lipstick, her voice, her perfume and her lips are
doing a number on your mind... soon... the tables are turn... you are no longer in
charge here, you are no longer the brilliant doctor... you are just another mind
control drone... under Vanessa's mind control... nothing but a hypnotized lipstick
slave... Submissive and ready to obey.
(this is an adaption of Hypnotist Nadyia's production script, with 2012 technology)

Hypnotist Vanessa's Lipstick Enslavement 2; "Student Seize Control"

Vanessa had been disordering in class, and just like any other disorderly student,
she was sent to detention. As her teacher, you are here to teach a harsh lesson in
discipline, morality and obedience. The moment you walked into the classroom,
you caught Vanessa applying lipstick, she caught your gaze, and quickly realize
you can't look away from her lips. She got the clue that you are one of those
people who have a lipstick fetish, as you deny her accusation and try to maintain
control, Vanessa keeps applying her lipstick. If you do not have a lipstick fetish,
you can easily look away, right? But you are too weak to look away, too submissive
to deny Vanessa, too docile to take any control of the situation. As you watch her
apply her lipstick, you starts to feel sleepy... your body feels heavy... in your hazy
mind, you vaguely hears Vanessa talks about her history hypnotizing the authority
figures in her life... you vaguely hears Vanessa talks about brainwashing you to be
her slave... yet anytime you pull a string of thoughts together, it was immediately
wiped away by the motion Vanessa's lipstick application... just like that... you are
now totally dependent on your student's command... just like that... your life will
now revolve around Vanessa's every whip....

Hypnotist Vanessa's Lipstick Enslavement 3; "10 Kisses Domination"

You've tried to escape Hypnotist Vanessa's control, you've tried to run away from
her hypnotic spell... but you know, deep inside you, once you got a kiss from
Vanessa, your mind and body will belong to Vanessa. There is no where to hide.
Hypnotist Vanessa found you and backed you into a corner. She has decided that
she've made a mistake the last time she hypnotized you, apparently, she've left too
much free will in that little brain of your's. Today, she've decided totally brainwash
you, forcing you under her complete control, turning you into nothing but her
mindless drone. She will give you 10 brainwashing kisses, with each kiss, your
mind will become more weak, with each kiss, your brain will melt into mush, with
each kiss, your mind will become more empty and blank... wiping away all notions
of resistance... wiping away all notions of independent thoughts, wiping away all
notions of free will. She will replace your mind with her notions of absolute
obedience, her notion of pure control, her notions of goddess worship... Most
men will find their existence fade away after just one kiss. Can you really survive
10 kisses from a woman like Vanessa? Or will become another lipstick
brainwashed drone, your face totally covered in Vaness'a 10 lipstick prints?

Hypnotist Vanessa's Lipstick Enslavement 4; "Evil Therapist Conspiracy"

Your company was recently promoted a new woman to be boss, you and her
certainly don't see eye to eye, and you acquired a habit of not following her
directions. Upon your latest evaluation, she wrote in your report that you lacked
motivation, that you seems dazed and confused, that you cannot concentrate on
your task. She recommended that you see a therapist or face suspension. Seeing
little choice in the matter, you went to see Dr. London, the therapist your boss
recommended. From the time you walk into the office, you can see Vanessa
obsessively applying her lipstick, but at the meanwhile, you feel like you can trust
her, you feel safe in her office, her shade of lipstick have an odd effect in your
mind. She begins to talks about hypnosis, and how her lipstick is helping you
relax... all you have to do is stare at her lipstick... and your stress will melt away...
as you stare at Vanessa's lipstick, your mind begins to melt away... your free will
slips away, all your thoughts empty out... all that is left is Vanessa's voice in your
mind. In your wide open subconscious mind, Vanessa begins to talk about how
well she knew your boss, how she was paid to make you totally obedient to your
boss in the workplace, how you will no longer be able to disagree with your boss...
how helpess and submissive you feel to all the women in your work. Dr. London is
not done yet, a open and enslaved mind is too to waste, she is about to take full
advantage of you. When she's done with you, you will be not only be your boss's
work drone, you will also be handing over your paycheck to Dr. London, as you will
be compelled to visit her office over and over again... your life will be forever
dedicated to servicing these women, and all they have to do to make brainwash
you again, is to wear this shade of lipstick... you are now truely a lipstick slave...
Vanessa London's lipstick slave!

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Once again, due to the high bandwidth concern, we will not be able to keep this
deal going for long. We might have to discontinue HD footages by the end of the
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Lipstick Hypnosis
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Instant Download.
$49.99 USD
Instant Download.
$49.99 USD
Instant Download.
$49.99 USD
Instant Download.
$49.99 USD
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Buy from femdomhypnosis through Niteflirt.com
Lipstick Addiction
Student Seize Control
Approx 20 minutes
10 Kisses Domination

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