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Hypnotist Zoey Crawford is a once in a lifetime talent to ever grace the stage as
Being a cash strapped graduate student, Zoey decided to look for a job at a
night club. The owner initially refused, but after a allowing Zoey to demonstrate a
perform in their every night.

Aside from charging a large fee from the club, Zoey like to "keep" a few of the  
volunteers after the show. It is very strange that once people went to see Zoey's
show, they will always come back, night after night, and they will do everything in
their power to get their friends to see Zoey's performance. It doesn't matter how
much she charge for admission.

The video starts off with Hypnotist Zoey giving a few hypnosis demonstrations,
she then picks out a highly susceptible subject from the audience, you, for a
more indepth demonstration. She then takes you deep into hypnosis, plays
around with your mind, then let you go.... but only after selling you off in a
bachelor's auction to the highest bidding women in the audience. It is perfectly
fine, of course, since you won't ever remember what happened exactly in her
show ....

For a Femdom hypnosis that is 40 minutes long, if we charge 1.99 per minute,
which is more than reasonable, it will be 80 dollars.

For a Limited time. The download version will only cost 79.99

The first 40 people who order "Madame Zoey, Stage Hypnotist" will only cost

We have seen hypnosis MP3 more expensive than this, keeping in mind videos
are much more expensive to produce. Of course, you should buy those MP3s
too, but the value for your donation here is obvious.  

Plus every dollar you spend with us, goes towards helping to train another
gorgeous young lady the art of hypnosis. A very worthy cause considering you
never know when a well trained female hypnotist might come after you someday.

We have much more good news! For a limited time, we will add the following
bonus footages to your purchase.

1.) a separate opening sequence
2.) a separate ending sequence
3.) FHRA Academy 3.4 Hypnotist Susan is trying to borrow money.
4.) A director's cut scene from FHRA no escape. It is a foot and shoe induction
from Hypnotist Millie. Perfect for those who cannot look away from a lady's high

A total of approximately an hour of the finest femdom hypnosis video. For a
limited time, only $49.99
Instant Download.
$29.99 USD
(3 days only sale)
(Process with
Accepts all major credit cards
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