Hypnotist Nadiya; Lipstick Addiction Order Page
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Hypnotist Nadiya Mousa is a high energy, demanding type of young lady. She is
strong yet feminine, intelligent yet sensual, mysterious yet vibrant. She is the
type of woman who can walk into any social situation and simply dominate the
conversation. She realize she has the Neuro Lingistic skills to make any strong
will man weak in his knees, and she rather enjoy watching him squirm

Nadiya read a research paper on the topic of addiction, even though it was
published on a nationally acclaimed medical journal, she does not agree with his
anti hypnosis approach.  She decides to pay the good doctor (your point of
view) a visit.

Under the disguise of suffering from a lipstick addiction, she slowly yet
methodically alter the doctor's thought pattern. With the skills of an NLP master
trainer, she uses anchor, hand guestures, skill full application of lipstick and a
few creamy smooth kisses, she ends up making you a lipstick addict... to be
precise ...

... her lipstick addict.

This video uses the latest conversation brainwash techniques, so advanced the
methods you only hear whispers of it in psychiatric conferences. It is so much
more powerful than the traditional NLP teaching, we rephrase the entire set of
techniques to NLD. Neuro Linguistic Domination. Get ready for wide eyed,
thoughts melting, complete brain rewiring.

How much would pay to spend half an hour with a girl like Nadiya?
Hypnotherapist visitation can cost 200 to 300 dollars an hour, and one simply
cannot find a face so sweet and a mind so controlling as Nadiya. Plus once you
own the video, you can watch it over and over again, just be warn, excessive
watching may cause permanente addiction to our hypnotists.

Those who are familiar with the femdom hypnosis market knows that a good mp3
runs from 40 dollars to 60 dollars, or more. Of course, they are well worth your

For a limited time. The download version will only cost 49.99

We are currently running a seasonal special, this 12 minutes video will only cost
29.99. It will come with a second shoot with a wider angle shot, for some of you
who express an enthusiasm for gloved hands, you will find Nadiya's fishnet
glove fingers in motion totally irresistible. This offer will expire by the end of the
month, or after the first 50 sales.

We are able to offer this video in High Definition format, however, this too is a
time limited offer, as the demand of HD video on our bandwidth is extremely

Those of you who are familiar with our products knows the exceptional quality
they are getting. Let yourself fall asleep to Hypnotist Nadiya powerful command..
Instant Download. Standard Definition
$29.99 USD
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