Lisa is a lovely young hypnotist with an alluring European accent. This is the first time she try
hypnosis in front of a camera, but she didn’t waste any practice time, she used what we
taught her to hypnotize her boyfriend immediately upon receiving the instructions. We
recognize that vacant look in his eyes when he drove her to the studio. She was so talented
at hypnosis, that the camera person kept falling into trance. She have a background in
modeling, (her impressive credential includes a number of cover girl appearances in
European fashion and cosmetic magazines) and it was shown in her elegance, grace and
captivating femininity.

The video is very competitively priced. Comparing with other “hypnodommes”, (whom we
whole heartedly respect and admire), a typical mp3, voice only hypnosis file is range from
anywhere from 40 dollars to 80 dollars. While researching on the internet, we found some
were priced at over 100 dollars. A short video clip can range from 60 dollars to 80 dollars.
Again, we’ve seen some in the 100’ dollar range. While we are certain they are worth every
penny, we want to operate at a different philosophy. Many willing submissive individual email
us with the comment “We will pay anything for it!” “Just name the price” “Money is not an
issue”. Our philosophy is to have you addicted to our video, we want you to be our slave for
life. As in future, many young, talented hypnotist will demonstrate their talent in your
unconscious mind.

The price of the downloadable version of “Hypnotist Lisa” (for a lack of more creative title at
this moment) is $39.99, and the VCD version of it $44.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling.
(50 in total)

To show our appreciation of your submissiveness, and supporting our project from day one,
we are willing to offer a generous discount. In turn, we wish you to say something nice about
the film. For a limited time, (until the first 50 copies are sold) Downloadable version is only

Wait, it gets better. The first shoot with Lisa was perfect, everybody in the studio was
completely satisfied. But Lisa was not satisfy, she insist to shoot again, and again, and
again. Each time we shoot, she gets better. We can absolutely not decide which version to
go with. So,
we decided to give away all 4 different shoots in the same order.
Because each of them are simply flawless. They are all from the same script, yet each have
slightly different characters, emotions and expressions. Each one are beautiful in their own
subtle way.

Remember, all the profit goes to a very worthy cause, training young women to be hypnotist.
Furthermore, we also train young women to be hypnosis educators. Good karma always
comes around, who know who our agent might train next? Someone you know? Someone
you accidentally run into? Who knows?
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance

Hypnotist Lisa Villeneuve by fdhypnosis