FHRA No Escape Order Page
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Hypnotist Pamela is on vacation, and she left you to be hypnotized and
brainwashed by her friends.  Hypnotist Mili and Hypnotist Lani will spend the
next 44 minute totally break your will to resist. The entire duration of the film
has you going under hypnosis, giving you a chance to escape, then put you
back under hypnosis again.
First Hypnotist Mili will test Hypnotist Pamela's lipstick trigger on you. Then she
will proceed to hypnotize you with her pandent, as you are trying to wake up and
break free, she put you back under again with her pandant, then with her
shoes... she keep waking you up, as you try to escape, Hypnotist Lani cut you off
in towards to the door, she then proceed to take you deeper under our control
with her eyes.... until you are totally stripped of your free will.
This is more than an induction video. Hypnotist Mili and Hypnotist Lani are true
psychological sadist. They want your complete and absolute submission. They
use hypnosis to turn you into a their dog, then their cat, and then their maid
servant. At the end, you will have one last chance to escape, will you take the
route out of this dark dungeon? Or be forever hypnotized under our control?
This is what is described as a "Strong" mind control film. It will make you
submissive and docile and obedient to a point where you will be totally
dependant on your words. Please consider this as a warning.

The video was shot before our HD camera became available, and the sound was
not as clear. The production concept was "In the scene" so there will be a lot of
bumpy, hard ride... the narrative is a lot like the movie "Black Hawk Down".

For a Femdom hypnosis that is 44 minutes long, if we charge 1.99 per minute,
which is more than reasonable, it will be 88 dollars. We are currently running a
summer special, and to reward all those who enjoyed our videos and gave us
encouraging feedbacks both privately and publicly.

For a Limited time. The download version will only cost 39.99