Hypnotist Rebecca Dove: "Trust Me"
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Click here if you are from Europe, or have difficulties with the night flirt payment process system.  
Click here if you are from Europe, or have difficulties with the night flirt payment process system.  
Your girlfriend, Rebecca has been studying hypnosis with the FHRA, in your
opinion, she is spending too time away from home. You want Rebecca to stay at
home to do the dishes, cook and clean the house... of course, such chauvinistic  
attitude simply won't work with our highly trained female hypnotists bend on taking
over the world.

In this video, Rebecca will change your mind with her unique style of hypnosis. She
likes do it in a lovely, mind melty sort of way. It takes a lot of trust in a relationship,
and Rebecca will make sure you trust her totally. You will trust her to think for you,
you will trust her to make decisions for you, you will trust her to take your free will
away from you.

There are three parts to this video. In the first part, Hypnotist Rebecca takes her
time with her convert hypnosis technique, gently nudging you under her love spell.
It is amazing how much of your free will you give up just by listening to her gentle

The second part of the video have Hypnotist Rebecca enforcing her control over
you. She takes her time mixing advanced hypnosis with irresistible kissing motion
to make your mind melt into a puddle of white haze.

The third part of the video have Hypnotist Rebecca forcefully indoctrinating new
thoughts into your brain, while she does so in a loving, charming sweetheart sort of
way. The whole process will have your mind washed with a white daze, your eyes
half open half close while deeply under Rebecca loving command.

Our usual warning applies here, repeat viewing of our video will cause permanent
changes in your behaviour... viewer discretion is advised.

Keep in mind that this entire show time is over an hour long, at 2.99 per minute, this
video is valued at over 200 dollars. Also keep in mind that finding real life female
hypnotist who are willing to do these kinds of sessions are almost impossible, let
alone finding two of them! Keep in mind that a real life hypnotherapy session
generally cost 200 to 300 dollars, For a Limited time. The download version will only
cost 99.99

The first 40 people who order "Hypnotist Rebecca: "Trust me" will only cost $59.99

We have seen hypnosis MP3 more expensive than this, keeping in mind videos are
much more expensive to produce. Of course, you should buy those MP3s too, but
the value for your endorsement here is obvious.  

Plus every dollar you spend with us, goes towards helping to train another
gorgeous young lady the art of hypnosis. A very worthy cause considering you
never know when a well trained female hypnotist might come after you someday.

For a limited time only, you can order Hypnotist Rebecca's three parts separately,
for 29.99 each.

(or just 19.99 until the end of this month!)

Hypnotist Rebecca Part one SD (standard definition)

Hypnotist Rebecca Part two SD

Hypnotist Rebecca Part three SD

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Combo deal!

More than an hour of the finest femdom hypnosis video. For a limited time, only
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