"Hypnotist Hanna" Order Page.
With her sultry red hair and her seductive instinct, Hanna is one of the most
dangerous woman in the business world. She can make any stranger fall in love with
her in under 12 seconds, and then have them eating out of her hand in less than half a
minute. Recently landing a high power corporate job, she wants to learn hypnosis to
extend her web of control. She is so natural at NLP and Ericksonian
hypnosis that even our seasoned professor kept falling under her spell. We met her
when she was working as a bartender, and we were in awe of her natural ability to
project her dominating charisma onto the bar's unwitting patrons. Warning: We
strongly advise you to stay away from Hanna unless you are ready to give everything
to her.

The video will feature two camera viewpoint approach, one is eye to eye level
viewpoint, where Hanna is looking at you as if you are sitting on a chair across from
her. The other video viewpoint is the "puppy eye view" (we coined that term! It should
be a trade mark! :P) It is as if you are kneeling on floor, looking up at Hanna as she
swings her pocket watch, smiling at you condescendingly, enticing you into her
obedient pet.
The video is very competitively priced. Comparing with other “hypnodommes”, (whom
we whole heartedly respect and admire), a typical mp3, voice only hypnosis file is
range from anywhere from 40 dollars to 80 dollars. While researching on the internet,
we found some were priced at over 100 dollars. A short video clip can range from 60
dollars to 80 dollars.
Again, we’ve seen some in the 100’ dollar range. While we are certain they are worth
every penny, we want to operate at a different philosophy. Many willing submissive
individual email us with the comment “We will pay anything for it!” “Just name the
price” “Money is not an issue”. Our philosophy is to have you addicted to our video,
we want you to be our slave for life. As in future, many young, talented hypnotist will
demonstrate their talent in your unconscious mind.
Hypnotist Hanna  (Click on picture
to see the sample video clip)
Your's for only 49.99

Considering a live session with a female hypnotist will cost over 100 dollar an hour,
and considering how hard it is to find a good looking, young and experienced
female hypnotist who would understand this 'aspect' of hypnosis, this is well worth
the investment. The good thing about our video is, you get to keep it, and you get to
watch over and over as many times as you like.
So, why wait? As usual, your hypnotic experience will be
complimented by our fast, discreet and respectful service.
Order the video right now!
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance