This video features the lovely Lisa Villeneuve hypnotizing the viewer. Lisa is a fashion model
and has appeared as a cover girl in a few fashion/cosmetic magazines. Her style is youthful,
innocent, warm, yet very cunning. There are two inductions to this video, first she ask you to
follow her long feminine fingers tracing spiraling circles, creating a disassociative state, then
she immediately wakes you up and ask you focus deeply into her eyes to further the intensity
of the trance. It is not a sleepy knock out type of trance; you will find yourself so intensely
focus on her voice and her words to the extend that you will loose all track of time and space.
Many of the viewer report feeling like they were falling through the screen and into Lisa's

Without giving too much of the sweet surprise away, she then deepens her hypnotic intensity
and give a number of submissive suggestion to your now totally "open" mind. There are
many suggestions of obey Lisa, and that she owns you completely.
Near the end of the session, Lisa suggest to you that you will be more focused at your work,
making sure you are more creative, and finding new ways to make more money, exercise
more often, as she only want wealthy, healthy slaves to serve her.
Lisa is very controlling in this video, but it doesn't take away her soft feminine sensuality. Her
innocent, teenage girlish look makes her cunningness extra dangerous.
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hypnotist lisa
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance