Hypnotist Kendra V; Boot Domination
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Warning: Hypnotist Kendra V video contain strong mindcontrol element that
makes the viewer become addicted to her boots. One will have difficultly thinking
about anything else other than Kendra's Boots after repeatedly using this video.

You are a rising star in a multinational corporation, and on the fast lane to
become the company's next CEO. One day came back to your office after a
business conference and found Kendra sitting in your chair. Just before you've a
chance to remove this new hire from your office, she got some bad news for you.
Turns out she've been collecting harassment cases against you, and passed them
onto the board of directors.

Unbeknowst to you, Kendra had already secured your dismissal, and some how
got the entire board of director on her side. She informed you of your misfortune
with a bright smile on her face. One minute you are her dominate boss, one
minute you are helplessly at her mercy.

Seeing you hang your head low like a puppy, Kendra chuckles and throws you a
bone. You see, she have the power to save you from you demise. She have a
special behavioural modification program that's designed to change a man's
attitude. A special program that helps channel his aggression towards women
into a docile compliance. The downside of the "treatment" is that it will make the
subject completely submissive to the handler's every command. That side effect
was not apparent to you until there is no way for you to escape.

Before you have a chance to reply, Kendra pulls out her pocket watch, and begin
talking softly in her sultry southern belle accent, as your conscious awareness
turns into darkness, the image of Kendra's perfect leather boots impresses into
your unconscious mind. Forcing an imprint of her absolute authority over you.

Hypnotist Kendra proceed to spend the rest of the day breaking you down,
turning your mind into mush, melting and molding your view to her own liking.
She then brainwash you repeatedly into worshiping her boots, permanently
linking the idea of her boots to your obedience for the rest of your life. From now
on, you will be Kendra's mindless thrall.

With you being in such a submissive position, you are in no position to run the
company, it looks like the board of director is going recommend Kendra as the
company's next CEO. Obviously, a few of the board member have received
Kendra's treatment, and many more will have a similar with Kendra in the weeks
to come.

She was correct when she say she will save your job, but not as the high powered
execute that you once were, but as her obedient boot slave for eternity.

Considering the going rate of a top notch hypnotist ranges from 120 to 300
dollars per hour, and their rate keep going higher and higher as they became
ever more popular. At that price, it is still totally worth the budget. Yet how
many female hypnotist in the world would entertain this idea of Femdom

How much do you think a Hypnotist like Jennifer can charge if she decide to
practice out of  her Beverly Hills studio? 300, 400? 500 dollars?

The production cost for this project is actually 4 to 6 times that of our previous
production. The much larger file size will also weight heavily on our bandwidth
cost. But since most of our clients are loyal repeat costumers who supported
Femdom hypnosis from day one, we are willing to give it away for a low low
price of $100 US Dollars.

But wait, Hypnotist Kendra would like to thank you for your support, she would
like the first 50 costumers, who have supported her work in the past, to receive
her hour long, High Definition session for
only $49.99!

Total Run time: 1 hour.

Included are:
Hypnotist Kendra V; Full 1080P HD with industry's first "double trance" view
Hypnotist Kendra V; Standard definition edition
Hypnotist Kendra V; Puppie eye view (view from the prespective from the floor,
looking up at the hypnotist)

Due to recent restrictions on bandwidth, we are only able to maintain this offer
for the next few days. Please be advised that this offer is very limited.
$49.99 USD
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