Hypnotist Kendra III: Pocket Watch Feminization
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Hypnotist Kendra III: is a feminization adaptation of our classic release,
"Hypnotist Hanna" with the influence of Hypnotist Catherine from "FHRA
Hypnotist Girlfriend". It is a through and through pocket watch brainwashing
designed to instill a bimobized feminizated submissive personality to the
viewer. It  re introduced our earlier days charms of "Level eye view" and
"puppy eye view" camera angles. There will be able a series of self
improvement suggestion near the end, ensuring our hypnotist have healthy
and wealthy, able service their owners for a long time to come.

This video offers one our classical value proposition, level eye view and puppy
eye view. It was orginally created in the "Hypnotist Hanna" collection, we found
our hypnotist expresses hypnosis differently when they are looking at you at an
eye to eye level, and if they were looking at you as if you are kneeling on the
floor, looking up at her.

The two version of Hypnotist Kendra III; Pocket Watch Feminization are valued
at $49.99 each, using up to date video method with a solid classical approach to
femdom hypnotism, this is well worth your investment.

Attention, the first 50 costumers recieves a 20 dollar discount on each of the
version, it will be available at $29.99 each
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$49.99 USD
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