Hypnotist Allison St. Germain: High Heel Goddess
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.

Hypnotist Allison Excerpt 1 from New Clip on Vimeo.

It is early in the semester, and you picked up a new intern thinking you'll get your
way with an innocent college senior. You spared no time to torment the young
co-ed, citing numerous corporate policy as you try to break her free spirit.
Allison seems to complied to your orders, except you kept catching her  feet up
on the corporate furniture.
This is when you decided to march right inside her cubicle and teach her a
lesson. As you watch inside, your mind were overwhelmed with the image of
Allison's new Prada high heel, just before you can recover from your shock,
Allison begin talking; softly, insistently, hypnotically. She starts off by focusing all
your attention into her eyes, when you became too woozy and dreamy to
formulate a coherent thought, all you can hear is her voice flowing into your
brain, interrupted briefly by her snapping her fingers and your conditioned
It was trap.
Allison was expecting you.
Allison knew you have a shoe fetish the moment she walk into your department,
and she is about to take full advantage of it. She realized even if she was wrong,
she will just give you a shoe fetish, it doesn't matter if you like it or not.
She starts with forcing you to focus on the tip of her shoes, then repeatedly
hypnotize you with the dangling motion of her high heels.
Allison then decided to completely wipe your mind, by crossing and uncrossing
her legs, your mind have became a total mush, free for her to inject her will into
your wide open mind. To fully seal her programming inside your mind, she pulls
out her pocket watch, a gift from Hypnotist Jennifer at the college's hypnosis
club, to permanently brainwash you into totally submission.

It was very expensive to retain Hypnotist Allison's services for this video. Foot
videos are particularly difficult to produce, especially something that demands
so much intelligent to be effective. Very rare do you find the young female
hypnotist who have the education, model looks and long silky legs to execute
these type of sessions.  Telephone sessions can cost over 283 dollars per hour,
and female hypnotist will cost over $2200 dollars for a program. "Hypnotist
Allison, High Heel Goddess" is only priced at 132.70 USD! That's only $3.31 per
minute, and you can watch this over and over again.  

Attention, Hypnotist Allison would like to appreciate her gratitude to all her fans,
the first 50 people who purchase can get it for $49.99. Includes both High
Definition (Full 1920 x 1080) and Standard definition (for more experienced

Plus never seen before bonus footages

1.) Hypnotist Jennifer IV; Jennifer's Brainwashing Legs Director's cut. You'll get
the full part one of Hypnotist Jennifer IV in an experimental reverse angle shot.
Fall back under her power as Hypnotist Jennifer perform the entire induction
with her pocket watch.  Over 17 minutes long

2.) Moments with Caitlyn 2

3.) Moments with Caitlyn 3

4.) Moments with Maeve 2

5.) Exclusive Preview of Madame Zoey III; Hypno Slave Auction
Instant Download. High Definition

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