Hypnotist Morgan; Gothic Cousin (forced feminization)
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance

Considering the going rate of a top notch hypnotist ranges from 120 to 300
dollars per hour, and their rate keep going higher and higher as they became
ever more popular. At that price, it is still totally worth the budget. Yet how many
female hypnotist in the world would entertain this idea of Femdom hypnotism?

How much do you think a Hypnotist like Morgan can charge if she decide to
practice out of  her Beverly Hills studio? 300, 400? 500 dollars?

It was the day before thanksgiving, you've been away working all year long. Even
though you look forward to coming home, you weren't too thrilled to see your
cousin Morgan again. You've grown up with Morgan, your parents made you look
after her when her parents were absent. She's that younger cousin who's always
clamming your style; her black lipstick, her black dresses, her strange music,
worst of all, you keep seeing her playing with a pocket watch, like she's a witch
or something. You've spent your whole childhood making fun of Morgan, and
now you are stuck with her again in a family gathering.

As soon as you got off the plane, it was explained to you that Morgan has living
in your room, rent free, you'll have to sleep in the living room for your stay. Your
parents have a strange dazed look on their face. Whenever you ask them a
question about Morgan, they would reply in monotone "Morgan is always right"
with a dumb grin on their face.

And so you barge into Morgan's room, formerly your room, and demand an
explanation. Before you have a chance to speak, Morgan cuts you off and
demand you to apologize for your behaviour. She found out you've been
spreading a rumour about Morgan being a witch, and she blames you for the
years of social isolation as a result.

For your punishment, Morgan is going to take your free will away, she's going to
turn you into a woman, and there is nothing you can do about it.

She's about to take complete control of your mind and body, and she's going to
do so with her enchanted pocket watch. Thinking it was all a cruel joke, you
made the mistake of looking at her pocket watch a little too intensely, you made
the mistake of listening to her voice to closely, as your mind begins to drift,
Morgan's voice begins to erase all thoughts from your brain, and begin to fill it
up with Morgan's command.

Morgan's voice made you weak, weak like a girl, weak like a little girl, weak like a
submissive girl. Only after a few moments with Morgan, you are rapidly loosing
your masculine identity. Soon you realize you are being brainwashed,
brainwashed to be Morgan's submissive obedient girl, yet there is nothing you
can do but to let it happen.

As Morgan continues to wipe away your male thoughts, feeling and habits, you
stood here, helpless being reprogrammed to wear mini skirts, high heels ans
stockings. She toys with your mind as she made you into a girly girl, with nothing
but girly thoughts in your empty and brainwashed mind. From now on, you'll be a
submissive girl, you'll love cooking for Morgan, you'll love cleaning for Morgan,
you'll love dressing up for Morgan.

You belong to Morgan now. There is no way to escape her enchantment. You
see, Morgan was not upset because you made rumours that she was witch, she
was only upset that you gave away secret.

WARNING: The psychotechology employed in this video is so intense, it will
completely rewire your brain into the hypnotist's control. There is no know ways
to undo the effect.

The production cost for this project is actually 4 to 6 times that of our previous
production. The much larger file size will also weight heavily on our bandwidth
cost. But since most of our clients are loyal repeat costumers who supported
Femdom hypnosis from day one, we are willing to give it away for a low low price
of $100 US Dollars.

But wait, Hypnotist Morgan would like to thank you for your support over the
years, she would like the first 50 costumers to receive her hour long, High
Definition session for only $49.99!

Total Run time: 1 hour plus

Once again, due to the high bandwidth concern, we will not be able to keep this
deal going for long. We might have to discontinue HD footages by the end of the
month. As some of you have already noticed, Hypnotist Maeve and Hypnotist
Nadiya's material are no longer available due to server restrictions.
Instant Download.
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