Hypnotist Jennifer; Ex Girlfriend's Lipstick Kisses
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“Your Ex girlfriend came back into your life, hypnotize and brainwash you with her lipstick and toxic kisses,
turns you into her obedient love slave forever”
One of our female hypnotists works for a Russian pharmaceutical specializes in mind control drugs inform
us of their latest formula. Their newest export is a black glossy lipstick called "Selective Hypothalamus m-
PFC Pathway Inhibitor", street name "Russian Candy". Hypnotist Jennifer, being a principle agent in our
neuroscience operation, gets a chance to try on this glossy creamy mind drug...
... on you...
The video starts off with Hypnotist Jennifer begging you, her ex lover, to come back to her life. She then
carefully informs you that her newest shade of black lipstick is more than just a trendy Gothic shade. Just
one kiss from her "Russian Candy" lipstick is enough to put anyone into a hypnotic trance, what would
happen if she keep on kissing you?
After a few Russian Candy kisses, Hypnotist Jennifer proceed to test her hypnotic power on you, making
you do all kind of humiliating task a stage hypnotist would do to her victims. You have no choice but to
obey, not only did you lose your mind and your free will, you have do it while Jennifer is giggling and
laughing at you.
Once you own the video, you will need to watch over and over again, just be warn, excessive watching may
cause permanent addiction to our hypnotists.
Note: This session is a reinterpretation from the script “Hypnotist Maeve II; Russian Candy Kisses”
Runtime: Approx 20 minutes.
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