Hypnotist Ashley: Boot Leg Rebellion
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Hypnotist Ashley Carson is a highly skilled hypnotist who will hypnotize you with
her eyes, her pendent pocket watch, her shoes, boots and feet. Her school girl
charm and her innocent giggles will turn your brain into mush before you know
what hits you.

This series is a must have collection for someone who crave hypnotically
submitting to a young girl's shoes, heels and feet. This series is spiked with
brainwashing programming. One will get a feeling that Ashley's boot is actually
inside their mind, molding and melting their brain to Ashley's liking.

This is a three part video; it chronic how Ashley takes over a college by
hypnotizing the Principle with her shoes and boots. The new principle enacted
two rules which rubbed Ashley the wrong way. First, he demanded all the girls
to wear conservative uniform to a strict code of moral standard. Second, he
demanded all female students to take home economic classes as a degree
requirement. Any student who does not meet Mr. Principle's new rules will be
expelled. Upon seeing her friends suffering, she conspires with other students
to take control of the college, once and for all.

Part one of three videos have Ashley waiting for Mr. Principle (point of view) in
his office in the busiest hour of the way. He is outrage by her presence, she
doesn't seems concern. She proceed to explain to Mr. Principle what needs to
change to her liking, weather he wants to or not. Ashley giggles as she explain
how she is going hypnotize Mr. Principle and brainwash him into her obedient
slave, and there is nothing he can do to stop her. She then proceed to
hypnotize Mr. Principle with her eyes. When he realize what she was doing, she
switches his attention to her cute apple shaped pocket watch, as his mind
begins to wander, Ashley send the final blow to his conscious mind by twirling
the tip of her leather "nine west" high heel shoes. She then proceed to implant
"suggestions" to his weaken mind, made him forget the entire encounter, then
left him in his office tranced out and drooling. 19 minutes $49.99 USD

Part two of three videos have Ashley back the next day, sitting on Mr.
Principle's desk waiting for him. Mr. Principle, not remembering what happened
the day before, is again outrage for the intrusion. Ashley looks different though,
some how her make up is darker, her voice became more cocky, and her boots,
although against regulations, seems irresistible. Ashley proceed to toy with Mr.
Principle, pinning his perceived authority against his hypnotically induced
submissiveness. Ashley then proceed to hypnotize him with her apple shaped
pocket watch and the swinging motion of her luxury ankle boots. The rest of the
video is a wild trance ride, bring Mr. Principle in and out of trance, humiliating
him then put him back under even deeper. The video finish with a deep level
conditioning which makes him effectively a owned slave of Ashley's boot. 33
minutes $49.99

Part three of three videos have Ashley back on the third day, after learning Mr.
Principle try to escape her control by seeking the help of a licensed clinical  
psychologist. Clearly, Mr. Principle is trying to deprogram himself from his
forced addiction to boots and high heels. Ashley sets out to prove that nobody
can escape the power of her control. Dressing in a Gothic dominatrix outfit, an
outfit which Mr. Principle morally despises, Ashley is about to erase Mr.
Principle's free will once and for all, and she is going to do so with maximum
assault to Mr. Principle's dignity. Ashley proceed to hypnotize Mr. Principle
again with her pendant then swinging boot. She then takes off her boot and
force Mr. Principle to stare at her fishnet hosed feet. By swinging her feet back
and forth, she ensure Mr. Principle will go under the hypnotic spell of her feet.
As a final humiliation, Ashley locked Mr. Principle's soul into the sole of her
boots, all his senses and emotions thus exist at the bottom of her feet, it will be
forever trampled upon where ever she goes. 20 minutes $49.99

The brainwashing is so strong that we only recommend this video for the
people who are willing to give up everything they ever own to worship such
beautiful features. But then again, if you ever had any experience with us, you
know every inch of our hypnotists were designed for your unadulterated
Just like our previous collection, our video will make you not only submissive
to Ashley Carson, but to all women. Such that, by watching this video over and
over again, you are submitting yourself to be programmed with our female
supremacist doctrine.... now... you've been warned.

Attention: Seasonal value saving! The first 50 people who decide to lay down
their life and worship Ashley's High Heels, Boots and feet, can get the videos at
less than half price. Due to bandwidth limitation this offer is extremely limited.
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