Hypnotist Rachel - Teacher Hypnotize you to be her good boy
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**Trance with benefit series.** Role playing Hypnosis sessions, combining beneficial
and therapeutic suggestion to make you a better person. A gentle approach to
Hypnosis, with the right amount of "you must obey me", "obeying all my command",
"do whatever I tell you to do" and an controlling twist, ending with suggestion that
encourage you be a better person. Along with suggestions that helps you feel more
focus at work, more confident, go work out, feel more relax... etc , the idea is to
create a realistic relationship based hypnosis experience. Script written by
professional stage hypnotist and ph.d level cognitive neuroscientist It has no
humiliation and no hard domination. All spoken in gentle hypnotic voice, never harsh
or raising her voice.

In this hypnosis session, Rachel is your loving teacher very concerned about your
grades. She asked you to stay behind class to see if you need extra guidance. She
knows your life is a mess right now, parents divorcing, not sure about girls, college
anxiety. She told you she learn this amazing relaxation technique in teacher's college,
it's called "hypnosis", the kind of of technique that will make you feel sleepy, very
sleepy... She took out her pocket watch and proceed to take you deep in a trance.
She use this hypnotic technique to make you a better person. Stay focus in school,
work hard, always hand in your assignment. She also make you very obedient to your
teacher, and manipulate you into her obedient pet. That way, you will be a good boy,
get good grades, do well in college. She also left you with a few post suggestions for
her personal entertainment, she can also trigger you back into trance anytime she

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Spoiler alert: Miss Rachel, your English teacher, ask you to stay behind after class,
she wants to discuss your grade. She notice you are doing well in some classes, but
you are also failing in others. What's going on? You are obviously very clever, you
have great potential, but what's stopping you from getting good grades. She lovingly
and gently talks to you about your family, your relationships with girls, your parent's
divorce. She talks to you about college selection, and how much stress students go
through with college admission. Miss Rachel understand the reason why your grades
are slipping is because of stress.

She suggest you should try hypnotherapy. You have seen your friends hypnotized by
Miss. Rachel, right? Infact, it is well know that Miss Rachel hypnotizes her students to
help them better at school. She tranced a lot of your friends, and they all have this
vacant look on their face. She starts swinging a pocket watch in front of your face.
Make you pay close attention to the pocket watch, you start to feel sleepy, very
sleepy. You are such a good student for Miss Rachel, such a good boy. You are
obeying your teacher so well.

As an hypnotized subject, you must do whatever Miss Rachel tells you to do. Rachel
wakes you up, and put you back under her control several times, each time you go
even deeper under her spell. You must do everything Miss Rachel command. let your
teacher takes control. Her words are coming from inside your mind.

Miss Rachel makes you repeat brainwashing mantras, such as love getting by Ms.
Rachel, love studying and doing my homework for Ms. Rachel, love behaving like a
good student for Ms. Rachel.

Miss Rachel then programs your mind to be her good boy. She increase your focus
and concentration. You will block out all distractions. Find it easy to learn new ideas,
new languages. Better at exams, better as writing essays. She makes you more
confident, more social and more relaxed. She makes you adopt healthy habits. Better
at sports. Always striving for excellent. She also make you a good boy, who always
obey his teacher, always do as Miss Rachel say. She also make sure she can trance
you any time she wants by giving you a trigger word.

At the end, Miss Rachel leaves you with a post hypnotic trigger phrase, that way she
can put you under her spell anytime she wants. She also leaves a few surprising post
hypnotic suggestions in your mind. You have to buy this clip to find out.
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