Home page of the Femdom Hypnotist Revolution Alliance. Ever since we were young, we were fascinated with
our ability to control men. When we were teenager, we notice men will do things for us if we smile or move a
certain way. As we grew older, we notice different subtle ways to manipulate men. Last year, we had a chance to
take a clinical hypnosis class at an Ivy League university. Using our charm, we were able to make him teach us
everything about hypnosis. We experimented hypnosis on our friends, we made them weak, docile and
submissive, and totally obedient to our wishes. Last month, we turn the table on our Professor. Using what he
taught us, we hypnotized and conditioned him for over a month. He is now totally in our control. With his
knowledge, wealth and connection, along with our ambition to control.... the entire world will soon bow to obey
Our hypnotist are educated to not only to hypnotize rich and influential people, they are also trained to train other
girls to train other girls to be hypnotist. Each female hypnotist can operate independently, gather all necessary
resources from their subjects, and each have the capacity exponentially grow our organization. Be careful the
next time you sit beside a pretty young lady on an airplane, be warned not to accept invitation from your
neighbor's daughter, and don't trust that make up lady smiling at you in the mall. you don't want to accidentally
loose your mind, don't you?
Hypnotist Hanna 2. Hanna's Hypnotic Lipstick
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Have you never notice, whenever a girl pull out her tube of lipstick, and start slowly applying it to her soft full
lips, you simply can't look away? You are too embarrassed to stare, but you are too weak to pull your gaze.
As she purse her lips and pout it towards her mini mirror, your mind temporary empties of all
Have you never notice after a red glossy lip girl kisses a guy, leaving a bright perfect lip print on his cheek,
he seems to have this dumb smile on his face... it's like he got his IQ sucked right out of him... whatever that
girl tells him to do, he will just do it without question?
Remember the last time a lipstick girl kisses you on your cheek, leaving a warm, moist, sticky lipstick print
on your cheek... you felt dazed... confused and docile... didn't you? If that girl ever whisper "sleep" into your
ears after she kisses you, in your dazed and confused state of mind, what do you think will happen?
Women know the power of their lipstick kisses. Fallen to the wrong hands, and the right female hypnotist,
Lipstick can indeed be very dangerous. Lipstick in the hands of the shocking beauty likes of Hypnotist
Hanna... your mind is heading straight towards the melting pot...
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at its very best.
Hypnotist Sarah Haydenbauer
Sarah Haydenbauer is the type of hypnotist who can't stop giggling as she brainwashes her subjects.
Standing at 5'11 with a model physique, it is easy to understand how people often mistaken Sarah as a
trophy girl or some kind of an eye candy.  What most people don't know is that Sarah holds two master's
degrees, compete as a world class athlete, and currently appointed as junior director at a major biotech
corporation. All these accomplishment at her tender age of 26.  Yet her blond appearance and cheerleader
attitude had her a reputation of a mindless bimbo. Feeling sick and tired of being confined to this stereotype,
Sarah learn hypnosis to change the mind of her peers. She quickly became one of the most talented
hypnotist in our organization. Using what she learn from our hypnotist development program, she had been
using her skills to get ahead in a male dominated work environment. Sarah control minds for more than just
a professional advantage, she also have a hobby of turning anyone who have insulted her in the past into
mindless, air headed bimbos...
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Hypnotist Nicole Williams
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Hypnotist Dawn LeMay
Hypnotist Hanna Fitzpatrick
Hypnotist Lisa Villeneuve
Hypnotist Jennifer Saands (Available Now)
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Jennifer is the daughter of an ambassador and a psychology professor. She spent her childhood years
traveling with her father's diplomatic envoy while reading her mother's collection of hypnosis textbook. She
made a hobby out of hypnotizing unsuspecting guards, servants and
guests at the embassy.

Jennifer spent her adolescent years in a private all girls high school in Israel. There she had to secretly
practice her hypnosis skills, as hypnotism is deemed an illegal activity in that nation. Yet she still managed
lectures at her school.

She returned to the United States to study in an ivy league college. Being in the same hypnosis class with
Lisa, she was quickly commissioned into the FHRA as one of our most promising hypno-agent.
Her innocent smile, sultry voice and sensual demeanor made her an excellent fit in our plans.

Her first assignment is to go to the financial district, locate the visiting VIP on our target list, break into his
hotel room, and make him into our loyal servant...
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Hypnotist Kimberly Bell (Available Now)
Hypnotist Kimberly is the youngest talent to join the alliance. Even at her tender age,
cunning hypnotist. Most people find themselves drifting in and out of trance after She
stumpled upon one of our gathering, and was impressed with our female hypnotists
training program. She became a protogne of Hypnotist Hanna, and learn the way of the
pocket watch from seeing Hypnotist
Hanna in action.
Being a college freshman and working part time to support herself, she quickly put
her knowledge of hypnosis into practice. Her hypnosis skills became the undoing of
many corporate executives.
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Hypnotist Hanna III; Hanna's Hypnotic Legs (available now)
Sample Video 2
Sample Video 1
Everytime she adjust her stockings, every time she crosses her legs, men just cannot
look away. After about five minutes of crossing and uncrossing her legs, there is
usually a daze look in your eyes. Five more minutes of crossing and uncrossing her
legs, your mind will melt and your legs would became totally weak.
legs, your mind will melt and your legs would became totally weak.
how fast do you think you will lose your free will?
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Hypnotist Hanna IV: Hanna's Hypnotic Make Up Lessons (Available now)
Sample Video 1
Sample Video 2
Have you ever find yourself watching women put make up on? The sensual is
electrified, you became weaker in your knees. As she start applying her magnetic
lipstick and lip gloss, you find yourself having difficulty focusing on your thoughts...
you over in her image. Forcing you to wear her make up, molding you physically and
mentally to her amusement.
There is only one catch, as long as you are wearing Hanna's make up, you will totally
are under her control. Don't even think of running away, she already have you frozen
in place. you are now putty in her hands.
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FHRA No Escape! (Available now)
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Sample Video 2
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Hypnotist Maeve O'Hara had been interested in hypnosis since she was very little. She
library studying for her exams. She earned her scholarship in the prestigious
university in Ireland, and entered the United States to complete her doctorate in
Maeve never had much luck when it comes to relationship, she often got involved
with the wrong kind of men. Her boyfriends often find her too manipulative and
overbearing, and left her without even a phone call.
As a result, she was often left heartbroken. One day, she accidentally walked in
Hypnotist Lisa's weekly "session" with the dean, and became fascinated with the kind
of work we do.
Of course, we don't just take anyone into our organization, yet after a few days of
internship, it was obvious to us that she could easily be the top hypnotist of her
generation. Now armed with the most advanced hypnosis training in the world, along
with the F.H.R.A female supremacy edict, Hypnotist Maeve can easily be the most
dangerous hypnotist to walk this land.
Her first demonstration of her power, is to find all the men who had broke her heart,
and turn them into her love puppy.... literally.
Hypnotist Maeve O'Hara (Available Now)
Sample Video 2
Sample Video 1
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Here in at FHRA we practice "Catch and release". Hypnotist Pamela has left you to
hypnotising you, waking you up, then hypnotizing you. Over and over again until
your will is totally broken, then they will hypnotize again.

You can run from their hypnotic power, but you cannot hide from the triggers that
are already so deeply planted inside your mind. There is no escaping our power. No
FHRA Hypnotic Silky Legs (available now)
master's thesis on social influence and purchasing trend, she accidentally familiarize
in their adolescence years. For example, stocking, nail polish, skirt or shoes. While
she was collecting field data at the local mall, she witnessed an coincidental
demonstration from Hypnotist Susan Scott.
At the time, Susan Scott was shoe shopping. From outside the store, Sandra noticed
all the male patrons were staring at the motion of Susan feet completely frozen. It was
as if their mind was suspended and the only thing that mattered in their mind was
Susan's legs. As Susan twirl her tips of her new shoes round and round in a circle,
some of the man become to pliable and suggestible they automatically do what Susan
ask of them.
Susan simply selected the shoes she want, walked up to the cash register, brushed
the manger's chin with the tip of her fingers, then walked out the store with the who
willing handed her anything she whispered into their hypnotized ears.
Sandra and Susan became best friends since that day, they took their expertise to the
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance, and after an intense training regime, they were
sent on their first mission. Not too unlike Hypnotist Jennifer's first mission, their
mission is simply to go to the financial district, locate a wealthy man, stalk him,
hypnotize him, brainwash him, enslave him then move on to the next victim.
At the end of the day, they like to tally up to see how many brainwashed slave they
collected in a good afternoon.
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Hypnotist Nadiya Mousa: Lipstick Addiction (available now!!)

Hypnotist Maeve II; Russian Candy Kisses (Available now!!)
Hypnotist Nadiya trances her roots all the way back to Lebanon, where she became
of "snake charmers". Her philosophy of manipulating men are very much in the same
established psychological view.
Nadiya sees a psychologist about her lipstick addiction, using the most advanced
NLP techniques, she ends up making you a lipstick addict... to be precise ...

... her lipstick addict.

The absolutely gorgeous Hypnotist Maeve is back. One of our female hypnotist who
works for a Russian pharmaceutical specializes in mind control drugs just inform us
of their latest formula. Their newest export is a black glossy lipstick called "Selective
Hypothalamus m-PFC Pathway Inhibitor", street name "Russian Candy". Maeve, being
mind drug...

... on you...
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Madame Zoey Crawford; Stage Hypnotist (Available Now)
Hypnotist Zoey came from a long pedigree of mystics, magicians and esoteric scientist.
Her mother is known to thrown elaborate parties with a guest list of the local social
assisting in her mother's shows, picks up a few tricks of the trade with a dramatic flare.
After high school, Zoey wanted to study at Yale University. The admission department
at the time was not in favor of admitting gypsies and mystics, but after an intimate
conversation with the Dean, Yale University mysterious changed their admission
standard. Zoey was just like any college girls living in the dorm, turned a few heads,
changed a few minds. made some lasting impression.
Now, after two master's degrees, one in clinical neuroscience and one in Business
Administration, Zoey decides to exert her power in the real world. We have long learn
the reputation of this highly talented young female hypnotist, after a brief interview,
we are happy to endow Zoey's quest for world domination.
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FHRA Hypnotic Make Up Lessons II (Available Now!!)
Hypnotist Phoebe Lane and Hypnotist Kendra Falloon are your typical patronizing
cousins whom you love to hate at family gatherings. They do everything together,
prepare thanks giving dinner, play varsity lacrosse, shopping for boots at the mall,
hypnotizing man and turn them into their slave for fun...
They have a neck for changing men's personality. After being poached and work for
the government for a few years, they grew tired of their job and start hypnotizing for
fortune. That was when they contacted the FHRA for mind control gigs.  
Lately we got a waves women, usually girlfriends and wives of important men, who
want to take control by reversing the gender role in their relationship... they want
their men to wear the skirt so the women will be in charge.
We are happy to help, so we send in our "A team" of personality change...
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Hypnotist Ashley: "Boot Leg" Rebellion (available now)
Hypnotist Ashley Carson is a senior at a prestigious liberal arts university with top
honor grades. With her long blond hair and blue eyes, sweet smile and petite frame, it
Most people get snatched up by Ashley's sweet innocent look, not knowing how
dangerous of a hypnotist she has became. In fact, most people don't even realize how
deep they are hypnotized as they talk to Ashley. The way she giggle, the way she roll
her eyes, the way she shrug her shoulder, all suggest an innocent sweet heart. No
one could have guessed that Ashley actually have the most dominate personality
know to the field of hypnotism.
When Ashley join the FHRA, she was already a highly skilled hypnotist. We were  
delighted by her cunningly ability to trick people into letting down their mental  shield.
After wink, a smile and some innocent stutter, one's mind would be basically opened
for brainwashing. What surprise us the most was her exceptional confidence once
she began her induction, once she decided to own you, there would be no escape.
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Hypnotist Kendra III: Pocket watch Feminization - (available now!)
time wearing lipstick, as you call her into your office, she starts hypnotizing you with
her lipstick. Through her sultry voice and expertise in psychology, she slowly takes
you deep into power... and change you into her feminized slave boy!
In this first part of the video, Kendra make you addicted to wearing skirt, warning... a
lot of people find themselves unable to take off their skirt after watching this video,
be warned!
This is must have video for hypno feminization addicts, the screen play is adapted
from the highly successful "Hypnotist Pamela II; Three days of Lipstick Domination"
Hypnotist Kendra II: Three Days of Lipstick Feminization (available now)
Kendra, our expert feminization hypnotist is back. You told her you cannot be
hypnotized, so one day, she sneaks into your office, and dared you to look into her
pocket watch. Once hypnotized, Hypnotist Kendra is keen on changing the office
dynamics in your company... even if it means brainwashing you into feminized sissy
slave boy...
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Hypnotist Rebecca Dove: "Trust me" Available Now
Hypnotist Rebecca is one of those young lady who can instantly disarm any man with a
to be one of the most intelligent woman in the world. Taking a break from her doctoral
study in psycho pharmacology, she seeks real hypnosis training from the FHRA.
She have a loving way of inducing hypnosis, her soft spoken nature makes it easy for
her to lure unsuspecting men into her web of mind control charm. One would feel like
they are reconnecting with an old lover all the while their brain is being rewire and
molded into what Rebecca wants. It is so easy to listen to Rebecca, so easy to follow
Rebecca, so easy to trust Rebecca....
so easy to give up everything you own... and obey Rebecca's every whim...
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Hypnotist Jennifer II; Babysitter's Command (available now)
Jennifer is the daughter of an ambassador and a psychology professor. She spent her
mother's collection of hypnosis textbook. She made a hobby out of hypnotizing
unsuspecting guards, servants and guests at the embassy.
Jennifer spent her adolescent years in a private all girls high school in Israel. There
she had to secretly practice her hypnosis skills, as hypnotism is deemed an illegal
activity in that nation. Yet she still managed to hypnotize most of her classmates,
teachers, and once a high ranking army officer giving recruiting lectures at her school.
After joining the FHRA a few years ago, Jennifer quickly became one of our top hypno
demeanour. Her sandpaper voice and deep green eyes quickly washes through her
victim's mind, leaving them an utter blank slate awaiting their conditioning.
Today, she has decided to come back into your life, to make sure you will never get
away from her hypnotic control.
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FHRA Hypnotist Competition (Available Now)
Caitlyn Simmons and Hazel Hoover are the kind of best friends who competes for
everything. They both grew up in the same small town in mid America, both went the
same high school, both were complimented with girl next door personalities.

Now that both of them got into the top psychology programs in the country, they want to
see who has the highest GPA? After making into the track and field team, they want to
see who can collect more gold medals? After being recruited by the FHRA, they want to
know who is the better hypnotist?

In the field of hypnosis, there is no goals to score, no records to break, the only way to
find out who is the better hypnotist, is to find some unlucky person to brainwash. After
volunteering to be their hypnosis test subject, all you have to do is look deeply in their
eyes... and see who has more control over your mind....
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FHRA Hypnotist Roommates II (Available Now)
Jennifer Saands and Nicole Williams are widely regarded as two of the best hypnotists
in the world. Although they can have anything at a snap of their hypnotic fingers, they
prefer to live incongito in the big city.

When they are not busy hypnotizing rich and influential people to help the FHRA cause,
they hold regular appointments just like the average ivy league grad next door.
Jennifer is currently a Ph.D student in Congitive Neuroscience, and Nicole is
now an economist at a major financial institution.
Seeing the busy schedule, they realized won't be home often, so they decided to post
an ad in the wall street journal looking for a roommate to share their luxury condo in
the financial district.

They are looking for someone who holds high position in their organization, draws a
high income, and physically fit as their roommate. Of course, the ideal candidate must
love to clean, willing to pay their rent and able to follow their order without hesitation.
The last part, however, can be easily taken care of with a week of intense hypnotic
brainwashing. ..
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FHRA Pocket Watch Party - Available Now!
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Nicole and Hazel made a bet with you, since you insisted that you cannot be hypnotized,
especially by a "stupid" pocket watch, you would have nothing to lose, right? They bet
that if you can avoid getting hypnotized by the two co-ed infront of you, you can have
your way with them.

Yes, you heard it right, you will get your way with the beautiful blond in Nicole Williams
What do you think would happen if you loose a bet to such well trained hypnotist?
Hypnotist Caitlyn II; Co-Ed Mind Games - Available Now!
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Caitlyn Simmons is a charismatic blond hypnotist who turns head everywhere she goes.
She is well know for her magnetic voice which can spellbound the strongest willed
individual without even a single word of hypnotic language. It is easy to underestimate
her ability when one sees her innocent grin, her beaming blue eyes, or listens to her
babysitter-ish voice.
Her advanced training in hypnosis coupled with her disarming smile makes her the
hypno-agent of choice for this mission at hand...
Hypnotist Kendra IV; Forgive and Forget (Feminization) - Available now!
Hypnotist Kendra IV is the ultimate feminization brainwashing video. Kendra is your
girlfriend, the kind whom are often left to do the chores without a word of appreciation.
One day she decided to study hypnotism with the FHRA, but you object; "Women's place
is at home", you says. As you try to break up with her over her non traditional behaviour,
Kendra urge you to forgive her, and she urges you by making you focus on her swinging
pocket watch..
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Hypnotist Jennifer IV; Jennifer Brainwashing Legs - Coming Soon
Instant Download.
$49.99 USD
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    Hypnotist Jennifer is well regarded as one of the most sensual of female hypnotists.
Her honey sultry voice, her deep hazel green eyes, her perfect use of subliminal
language all leave her victim's brain in a perpetually deep state of hypnosis.

Hypnotist Jennifer IV re traces her step on how she was admitted to graduate school of
psychology in America's leading university.  Jennifer hypnotizes the dean of psychology
at Yale to admit her into their graduate program. The dean refuse and decide to humiliate
Jennifer for being a practitioner of hypnosis. Jennifer pulls out a pocket watch and
hypnotizes the dean into submission, and then admission.

After hypnotizing the dean into obeying her every command, Hypnotist Jennifer
strengthens her control over him by hypnotizing him with her dangling high heel. She
then implants the suggestion into his brain so he will be a shoe fetishist. Since she gave
he the fetish, she is in control of all his desire. He became totally under her power now,
there is no escape.       

Jennifer decide to extend her power over you permanently, but turning you into her
sweet doggy pooh. In your totally hypnotized state of mind, you are totally dependent on
Jennifer's voice and command, at the same time, you are totally aware of her control.
What a reversal of fortune, just an hour ago, you were the dean of psychology at Yale,
now you are just dog, totally under the control of this girl in front of you. You are totally
under Jennifer's control, there is no escape.

Warning, the effects of Jennifer's brainwashing is permanent, once you watch this video,
there is no way to undo her programming. Many professional have tried, but none
succeeded. Considered yourself warned. Submit your brain now for hours upon hours of
hypnotic programming.   
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